Our award winning range

In keeping with the rich Welsh brewing tradition, The Coles family in Llanddarog is proud to present our award winning beers to lovers of fine ales, stouts and lagers everywhere. Since 1999 we’ve been brewing beer onsite using superior quality malted barley, whole hop cones and purified water from an ancient spring situated 300 foot below the brewery itself. We invite you to browse our range of quality hand crafted beers.


Presenting our selection of superior cider

The tradition of brewing cider runs deep in Wales. At the White Hart Thatched Inn & Brewery in Llanddarog, we continue to honour our heritage by hand crafting the very finest cider from locally sourced produce. We lovingly pick the very best apples and pears at just the right time and mature our cider for over 3 months to give it a refined, refreshing and pleasing flavour.


Spirits from our unique still

The Coles family have been distilling their own spirits since 2013. We now produce a wide variety of spirits in our unique still. Designed and built by the Coles family following a distillery course in Chicago, it allows us to produce some lovely whiskys, rums, vodkas and moonshine, amongst other drinks. Coles family distillery are now even offering the opportunity for you to buy your very own whisky and rum casks. 


                         For more information, or to place an order, please                   contact our team on 01267 275 395.

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