Wales' first rum DISTILLERY

Coles distillery is set in the beautiful Carmarthenshire country side in the village of Llanddarog, the dark timber clad building no different to a large garden shed nestles between the trees and the lush green grass. As the doors are opened your jaw drops as the cathedral like interior faces you. Set at the far end is a large still with two columns stood in front, shining as the sunlight reflects off the stainless steel.


a distillery filled with passion and pride in carmarthen

Over coffee one morning it was decided wales needed a Craft Distillery that produces and bottles all its own welsh spirits at the distillery. The still is one of a kind designed and built by the Coles family breaking all the rules. The still is stainless steel with 2 rectifying columns which are stood on the floor next to the main pot with a botanical basket/thumper to one side giving us the option to run many different products. From Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Rum, Fruit Brandies and more. So why not visit to see how it all works and taste some delightful welsh spirits.


In order to showcase all that the Coles Family and the Llanddarog area have to offer, our team will soon be opening a Visitor’ s Centre. You will be able to sample all of our great products and learn all about the distilling process, the history of the Inn and Carmarthen. 
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A large selection of superior spirits 

If you are a connoisseur of fine spirits, you’ re sure to find a fantastic selection at the Coles Family White Hart Thatched Inn & Brewery. Our team distil robust rums, crisp, clear vodkas, well aged whiskies, playful gins and magnificent moonshine.
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Are you curious about the distilling process? You can sample our fine range of spirits and learn all there is to know about distilling with a distillery tour at our Inn in Llanddarog. For details, please call on 01267 275 395. 

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